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1. About Us

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Teesside Princess Leisure Cruises Ltd – Terms and Conditions 

  2. A provisional reservation is accepted and held for a period of SEVEN DAYS. If confirmation and the booking are not made within this period, the reservation is automatically cancelled. 
  3. No reservation is valid unless the booking form is completed and received by TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, together with a non-refundable deposit/ booking fee of £5.00 per person and £10.00 on Christmas bookings per person or 25% deposit if private hire. 
  4. The balance of monies due for the supply of goods and services is payable FOURTEEN DAYS prior to the date reserved. We reserve the right to cancel the cruise if these terms are not adhered to. 
  5. All instructions concerning the supply of food, wine, drinks etc must be in writing at the time of the booking. Instructions will only be accepted up to  FOURTEEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE RESERVED. No alterations are accepted after that date. 
  6. Hirers wishing to run a bar account must be specific concerning exclusions, i.e. double measures, certain drinks, etc. clients running bar and wine accounts must settle their accounts before leaving the vessel. The vessel is a licenced premise and if passengers are lucky enough to look under the age of 21, the vessel crew reserve the right to ask for current photographic proof of age prior to serving an alcoholic beverage. Acceptable forms of ID  are passport, driving licence, validate card, connexions card or citizens card. 
  7. HIRERS may engage the services of a band or discotheque provided that the musicians and personnel adhere strictly to the Captain’s instructions regarding all applicable laws, regulations and by-laws. Musicians or discotheque personnel must be included in the maximum number of passengers allowed. In no circumstances will TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, be responsible for the settlement of musicians or discotheque fees which are the responsibility of the client. Clients supplying their own entertainment are required to satisfy a performing rights society fee of £30.00 as well as supply of all of their own equipment including amplifiers, speakers, decks and all the relevant cables and leads. All equipment must have a current up to date PAT Test Certificate. 
  8. Where transport or any services by third parties are arranged by TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, on behalf of and at the request of the hirer, this is done purely as a courtesy. In no circumstances will TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, be responsible for reliability or standard of service booked on behalf of the hirer or for circumstances beyond the control of TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD
  9. Hirers’ own wine can be accommodated for one welcome drink and one toast only but a corkage fee of £5.00 per 70cl bottle and £10.00 per 70cl  bottle of champagne will be charged. 
  10. Hirers own catering can be accommodated but a charge of £200.00 will apply. 
  11. In the interests of health and safety, TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, reserves the right to limit the number of young children travelling on board the vessel. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Company rules and conditions apply in this regard. The hirer is advised to check with the booking office prior to confirming a booking. 
  12. Animals are not allowed onboard the vessel under any circumstances (except service dogs). 
  13. CANCELLATION: A DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERRABLE: the hirer is liable for the balance of the hire fee and the cost of any goods or services reserved on the hirer’s behalf should cancellation for any reason whatsoever, take place during the Four weeks prior to the date reserved. 
  14. Neither TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, illness, accident or delay to persons embarked on their possessions howsoever caused, whether sustained onboard the vessel or whilst embarking or disembarking.  Passengers use the vessel, steps, gangway, landing stages, etc at their own risk. Wearing sensible footwear is recommended whilst onboard the vessel (contact the booking office for further guidance). 
  15. TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, may; at the discretion of the captain; vary the course of the voyage should circumstances so necessitate.  TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, does not warrant that the vessel will commence or complete any journey or part thereof in any given time,  or if conditions beyond the control of TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, render it unsafe to cruise, i.e. fog, strong winds, floodwater, etc. whilst TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, will endeavour to conform to the reasonable requests of the hirer, of which the captain shall alone be the sole judge, TEESSIDE PRINCESS LEISURE CRUISES LTD, accepts no liability for loss, inconvenience, damage or injury for the failure to convey any member of a party howsoever caused. 
  16. The captain is in sole charge of the vessel at all times and all passengers are under his jurisdiction whilst on board. Any person behaving in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace or in a manner likely to cause danger to the safety of the vessel, themselves, the crew or any other persons, will be requested to disembark. Should the client have any cause for complaint, the captain must be notified before the end of the cruise. Complaints will not be investigated unless so notified. 
  17. Illegal substances, threatening and abusive language or ill behaviour will result in the vessel being docked at the earliest convenience and the offender(S) being escorted from the vessel. Any violence will result in the termination of the cruise and the offending person(s) will be liable for prosecution. 
  18. The hirers shall make good and/or pay for all losses, damage or breakages to any fixtures, fittings, machinery or equipment, particularly safety equipment, e.g. lifebuoys deliberately thrown overboard and subsequently lost during the hirers period. 
  19. Any imagery taken by the company representatives may be used in promotional material unless specifically notified otherwise in writing.